— Bronze sculptures —

Kieta Nuij

My sculptures

My sculptures tell stories. Stories about people, about life. I try to make visible and tangible what is essentially invisible or cannot be expressed in words. Emotions, experiences, impressions, whatever goes beyond words or intellectual understanding, is the area of my work as an artist. A sculpture tells a story and spectators are challenged to add their own stories to it.

My sculptures are not smooth or harmonious. Their beauty actually lies in scratches, wear and tear, the traces of use and life. Every figure has its own cracks and fissures. They make the sculpture unique and offer a glimpse of the inner character. They are the fringes of the soul.

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Book ‘Fringes of the soul’.

‘Fringes of the soul’ is the title of a book that contains a choice of 35 years of my sculptures, besides stories about my life and work. The title refers to what has over the years become my ‘autograph’: figures, whithered by time and life.

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Fringes of the soul, Kieta Nuij sculptures in bronze